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Chysler Pacifica: I am replacing struts on a 2004 Chysler Pacifica.

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I am replacing struts on a 2004 Chysler Pacifica. I am working the driver side.

I have the assembly rebuilt and I am reinstalling. The strut is mounted to the tower and bolts torqued to spec. The issue is that I cannot get the strut to align with the 2 control arm botls. The lower bolt goes in fine, the upper bolt hole will not align with the strut.

I have tried multiple approaches, but still no success. It feels like the drive shaft is not compressing far enough, but I can see nothing that looks out of the ordinary.

I have confirmed that the new struts match the ones removed. I am stumped. I hae the factory manual and there is nothing that implies that I have missed something.

Help is apprecu

Ok, loosen the upper mounting bolts for the strut. put a socket on the cv shaft nut and hit a couple of times just to make sure it is seated. now push in on top of rotor until you can slip the upper bolt will slide in. It takes some brute force to get it aligned. I have used a long prybar under the control arm to lift the spindle up to get the bolt thru the upper hole.

Another way is to remove the upper mount bolts and this gives you a little more manuvering of the strut to align the 2 lower bolts thru the holes and then pop the upper mount into place and secure
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