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Mazda Mx5/ miata: I am a new owner of a 2008 mx5/ miata, all

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I am a new owner of a 2008 mx5/ miata, all stock, grand touring. I love the car but wonder if I can get a small to moderate amount of acceleration boost and hopefully better gas mileage. I am already asking about a G Force performance chip. I have also talked to a recommender tuning shop, et tuning in union Missouri, what can I expect and about much should I figure on paying. Ballpark figures and your opinion is what I'd like. Thanks much
Hello, I'd be glad to assist you. The G force chip has many complaints and these are well founded. It is nothing more than a resistor that alters readings from the mass air flow sensor which causes the vehicle to actually run richer. I highly advise not purchasing these.
My recommendation would be the Hypertech programmer line. These actually change the parameters in the vehicles computer to obtain better performance and efficiency. They run about 450-500.00 and I imagine the shop would charge around an hours labor to perform the modification and maybe show you how to do it.
There are also more in depth things like custom mapping and tuning on the dyno which can run 1000-2000.00 I don't think this is where you sound like you're interested in going performance wise.
The hypertech programmer, A quality cold air intake and catback exhaust system would make ideal power gains. Gas mileage gains will be negligible.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry , when you say the hypertech and then say a quality cold intake.. And cat back... A re you saying the hypertech programmer performs such "cold. Intake". And "cat back" functions, so to speak. I guess I dis'nt understand how you put it. So you'd suggest the hypertech programmer?? Thanks, mike
Sorry i I got a little ahead. the programmers is a stand alone device that changes the fuel and ignition maps in the computer. To gain optimal performance the programmer would need to be used in addition to installing a cold air intake and "cat back" exhaust system.
The cold air intake helps the engine intake cooler denser air. The exhaust helps the engine expel exhaust gases more freely.
You would do fine to buy the programmer and to the other upgrades later or not at all.
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