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Suzuki Forenza: Hi,i just changed a timing belt on a 2007 Suzuki

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Hi,i just changed a timing belt on a 2007 Suzuki forenza.
While removing the spark plugs 3 came out soaked with oil ,so i checked the valve cover gasket and not much left .The oil was leaking into the tube not the cylinder,some oil did get into the cylinder so i just cleaned the spark plugs off and put them back in.
Once i started the vehicle it did smoke but i also heard a tapping sound.
Could this be from the spark plugs having oil on them from the cylinder?
How can i check the timing just to make sure?
The timing belt was aligned properly even after turning the crankshaft and no check engine lights.

Hello I will help you with your question,

Could you be hearing the sound of arcing from the oil soaked coil boots? Once the boots are soaked then need to be replaced as well as the plugs.

The only way to check timing is to pull the timing cover and verify that the cams and crank are in line. A compression test will show any weak cylinder and you might want to try that if you suspect a timing issue.

Let me know so I can help

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Im sure the timing is ok.

The oil that dripped into the cylinders once i removed the could be causing a issue with the firing of the plugs .

How long will it take for the oil to burn from the cylinders ?

The plugs and plug boots need to be changed, there is no way to clean it off. The oil in the cylinders will burn off in just 5 - 10 minutes of running as long as the plug is firing but if the coil boot is oil soaked the plug may not be firing as the oil is conductive and will short the spark to the side of the plug tube.

Replace the plugs and boots and before you install them wash the walls of the plug tubes with brake clean and use compressed air to blow out the cylinders and give the brake clean time to evaporate before you install the plugs.

Let me know if you still hear noise after that.

You are certain nothing but oil went into the cylinders?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes im certain it was just oil.

The vehicle was running fine with the oil in the spark plug tubes and not on the spark plugs.This is why i suspect it is the spark plugs.

OK, I am just telling you from experience that the boots as well as the plugs need to be replaced and the plug wells cleaned of oil before the new plugs and boots are installed. Use the correct plugs for this car not a Bosch +4 or any gimmick plug as they will not run correctly.

If it ran well before and the timing is on then once you replace the plugs and boots and clean the tubes it should run normally after 5 - 10 minutes without noise.

Please let me know how I can help

Thank you

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