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Saab 900SE: Just bought a rebuilt tonneau motor for my 1995

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Just bought a rebuilt tonneau motor for my 1995 Saab 900 SE. Technician said he got a "motor short-to-ground" message (B1447 from his shop notes) indicating the motor I bought is not good. Do i need a new motor, a new technician, or a new error code source (mine says B1447 has something to do with wipers.)


Yes your Tech could be right as this code is for a short to Ground :

B1447 Tonneau Cover Short To Ground

All wiring from the control unit to the motor and latched should be checked as all grounds , most times its the motor that has shorted out .

Did you have this same code with the old motor ? if not then this motor is probably the problem .

Need further assistance then please get back to me with the reply box and not the poor or bad service button .

Rgds Greg

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I had told you that according to my source B1447 has nothing to do with the top What does your source say B1447 means? Did not have same code with old motor. Old motor problem was in the gear box. BTW, the motor lifts the tonneau cover without an error. Error comes when the tonneau is being lower. Seems counter-intuitive - there should be relatively no load on the motor on the way down, so less likelihood of a shorting problem. What do you think?

Hi John
The B1447 Tonneau Cover Short To Ground ,
This is a Saab manufactuers code , the B1447 code that you say is the wiper system is for Chevrolet B1447 Wiper park sense circuit open.

The tech will have to check the wiring in the system check that the connections are good and clean .

Attachment: 2013-06-30_223559_saab_900se_tonneau_top.pdf