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pontic sunfire: 02 sunfire 2.2,8th diget of vin is 4.will not

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02 sunfire 2.2,8th diget of vin is 4.will not crank over with key.jumped across starter contacts and engine turned over.starter good.there is voltage to starter relay,(one pin),voltage to 50amp ign. fuse,but no voltage to 10 amp crank fuse even when key in crank position.It was having another problem,(jerking on take off), and I had just replaced the throttle position sensor.Right after I got the sensor on and before i put the unit that fits onto the throttle body,I started the car so I could clean the throttle body with spray cleaner.In fact,It turned over and started normal at least 4 times as I was cleaning,then I put everything back together and was ready to go for a test drive and it would'nt crank.I did take, what I am assuming is the PCM,(bolted to right strut tower),off and moved out of the way to acess throttle body.I did not remove the wire connectors from it.This seems like a weird coincedent that something els just happened to go out right at the complition of my position sensor job.which was really easy to do.Thank you Alan Smith
Hello, there is a wiring harness by the strut tower. There is a connector there that has the wire that sends power from the ignition switch to the crank fuse. It's very possible disturbing this wiring harness may of affected that wire. I will be happy to walk you through some troubleshooting.
On the side of the connector facing the car interior there will be a yellow wire. With the key in the start position there should be 12v there. On the other side of the connector there is a purple wire. with key in start position there should be 12v there.
I'll post the diagram and connector location below. It's most likely you have a pinched or broke wire. Let me know what you find and I can assist you further.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I need the location of purple wire coming out of bottom side of the connector going to crank fuse please

My apologies, the wire is yellow on both sides of connector 100 goes to the crank fuse and is then purple from crank fuse to neutral safety switch.


Click here for the pin outs for connector c100



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you that makes sense...


is there a wire ffom the PCM for the crank fuse?

The fuses in this circuit are the 50 amp to the ignition switch and 40 amp to the starter relay. You said you have power at one terminal of the relay so that would be the 40 amp battery 2 fuse.
The circuit is
Ignitions switch - c100 connector - crank fuse - neutral safety switch - relay
The relay is on a constant ground. from what you describe it seems the problem lies somewhere between the ignition switch and the crank fuse.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

that makes sense except the only wires I moved while replacing sensor were to PCM that is my confusion

Yeah, The only thing I can think of there is since the harnesses are together it may have pulled a wire loose from the connector some or something got pinched /broke. If you've got a test light or meter we can walk through the troubleshooting.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

there is voltage to the ignition switch but none at the yellow wire in crank position

Thanks for that information. I'd suggest removing the steering column trim covers and checking it on the yellow wire right at the switch. If there's no power in start the switch is definitely bad.
Let me know what you find. I can provide you with information on changing the switch if needed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

headed to get a switch, I think I'll be ok from here..thanks for your help. If I run into trouble I'll b in touch

Sounds good, I'll be taking a small break, just reply back if needed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, we installed a new switch. will not turn over with key but removed switch from column turned over with a screwdrive and it cranked. unplugged new switch, plugged in old one same results. cranked with screwsdriver not with key. key apprears to be turning rod over but not enough to start it.


even though it started and ran once, after I turned it off with screwdriver, and tried again, it starts and died---a new problem?

at any time did you have the battery disconnected? IT may run bad not idle well until relearn is obtained. (driving some)
I'll have to look at how the key moves the switch.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

battery on charger now..understandably it may need to relearn, but if it won't run makes it difficult to drive some..if you have any suggestions once you look at how key moves switch, please respond

OK, looking at the exploded diagram of the steering column the key cylinder is in direct contact with the switch. Kind of like an old skeleton key and door lock.

If there is any motion in the switch with the bolts loose you might try rotating it one way or the other as an adjustment to see if the key cylinder will then move it enough. If not the only other thing would be the key cylinder.

If it's not starting (cranking up) you'll need to see what's missing (fuel or spark at plugs)

I would do all testing with new switch just to eliminate that as a possible intermittent problem.