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Oldsmobile Aurora: 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora - Please Help!1.

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2003 Oldsmobile Aurora - Please Help!

1. Fuel door won't open with release button on driver's side door.
Trunk Release Lockout Switch in glove box was off;
To be certain tried it with Switch in the Off and the On positions:
In the On Position - the trunk would not open - acting as it should and
the Fuel Door would not open
In the Off Position - the trunk would open but the Fuel Door still wouldn't

2. Looked in trunk on driver's side as Owner's manual states there should be
a Manual Release Mechanism --- I can't find any such release ---
Manual claims it should be at the top of the trunk compartment on the driver's side.
I'm not sure what the "top of the trunk" is referring to, i.e. whether on the trunk lid
which goes up or the stationary part of the trunk ---
In any case, I couldn't find the Release on either part.

3. Almost out of gas ... may have to have it towed to a shop to try to fix.

Please help ... Steve
[email protected]

Hello Steve,

Thank you for using, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you with your
concern today.

One thing I always wish to try and do is let you know if
something comes up and I am not able to reply back right away but this is
sometimes something I cannot avoid. I will always try to reply back to you
right away however please understand that I may be busy answering another
customer back and thus it may sometimes take time to reply back to you. As soon
as I return I will be sure to reply back to you as soon as I am able to.

There should be a little yellow plastic handle cable to pull to manually release it. Please use two people, one to press the button and other to try opening the gas door and while you press the button see if the other person can open the door?




Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I appreciate your preliminary suggestion but as my symptoms described in the original request I could not find any manual release in the top of the trunk on the driver's side as my Owner's Manual suggested and now you are suggesting to pull the manual release. It may be broken off or hidden before the trunk covering that I didn't pull down to trace it out last night.
I could not wait for an answer from JustAnswer. com any longer after my initial request approximately 10 hours ago. I had just enough gas to get to a
Dealer's shop to get it fixed ... I am waiting at the shop now.
Thanks for your efforts but I won't be needing any further services from you or
Regards XXXXX XXXXX Mango



For future reference, that cable can often be accidently left above the padding/carpet in the trunk, go ahead and check the hole and or pull it down and you should find the cable. The cable has to be there unless broke as its a electronic release only so they have to have a backup for it.


The most common problem is the release is working but the door will not spring open.




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