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Hyundai Tucson SE: Hi. I ordered some drl for my hyundai ix

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Hi. I ordered some drl for my hyundai ix 35. I'm looking for a way to connect them. To give them power when ignition is on. And turn them off when headlights turn on. Where or what is the best wire to connect my switch box to? Thank you.


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Do you have the part number of the daytime running light kit?




Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hey Joe. Thank you for your reply. It is the daylightguide from Philips

I already installed the xenon kit from Philips aswell. I used a relay harness directly connected to the battery.



That is one expensive drl kit, just over $2000 here in the usa.


They do not list an install manual for them, does the kit have an signal wire to sense voltage and turn them off other then just a hot wire, a ground wire and a ignition wire?




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just orderd it. It is coming by mail so I do not have the answer to your questions. I believe they use a signal cable.

And 2000$? Here in Europe it cost 200€.
Here is the link.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I found this manuel on the Internet. But it is Chinees to me.
It would be great if you point me out a ignition cable and a good signal cable. The rest I can figure out. Thank you



The place I looked them up must have had the price wrong.


Thank you for that manual.


The red/black of course go to your battery.


The orange wire goes to your pos 12vdc+ wire of the headlights, they are having you splice it right in behind the headlight connector in the harness, this is the wire that turns on with the headlights only and not the parking or indicator lights.


Then there is a blue wire, this they are showing as an acc wire which is generally a ignition wire, this can go directly to your cars fuse box, most have open areas where you can attach the wire, what you are looking for here is a connection that is hot only when the ignition key is turned to "on" then you have your acc source for the blue wire.


That is about the worst manual I have ever seen as it really does not tell the user what goes where.... Now I see how it was easy to get confused looking at it.


you need any further assistance you can reply back at any time for my help.





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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have seen the wrong advertising aswell on eBay. The guy asks 2150$. I should be 215$

Thank you for your assistance. The minute my drl arrives I hope with your advise I can safely connect them without burning something.
Do I give you 5stars now or do I wait until I installed it. In case I need more assistance.

Thank you very much.



Even if you rate now it does not end the question, you can reply back at any time and I would be more then happy to still assist you. I am not one that gets paid and then never replies again, customer service is very important to me as goes hand and hand with making sure your answer is correct.


You do not have to worry about burning anything up, that's why I stated test the fuse panel with a voltmeter first with key on to get correct connection for ignition on.


You can rate whenever you would like.






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