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We just bought a 2002 Sonata a month ago.Yesterday we noticed

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We just bought a 2002 Sonata a month ago.Yesterday we noticed the right front wheel was not straight when the steering wheel was.It was quite noticeable that it was off to the right by about 3 inches.We did a little checking into recalls and found out there was an issue with sub-frame rust and lower control arm detachment.I found an area on the inner part of the front suframe that was rusted through(3 inches long by 2 inches high).Is this repairable or is the car junk? We have totally stopped driving it.

Hello, welcome. My name isXXXXX will do my very best to
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The area that you are describing with the rust does make the vehicle completely unsafe to operate even a short distance as the wheel can completely separate from the vehicle while driving.The sub-frame is considered a crash item/part and is not sold,the reasoning behind this is the manufacture does not want totaled cars to be repaired and put back on the road.With that being said the vehicle can be repaired by replacing the sub frame with a salvage yard or used sub-frame.The only down fall to this is of course finding one that is not rusted like yours.So to sum it up before I would just junk the vehicle I would suggest shopping around for salvage sub-frames,but it will be important that you can physically lay your eyes on it as photos on the internet are often not the actual photo of the part in question.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thx. I did jack the car up and the rusty are isn't near the control arm mounting area.Are there any other options other than the rust that could also cause this to happen? (bad cv axle?)I didn't see anything odd or feel anything that seemed to have any play in it.

The cv axle wont make the tire point out.The control arm will do this and also the sway bar and sway bar links will do this.However with the tire being that noticeable there should be something visibly loose.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thx. Mike,will have it towed to a local tech to have it checked.It.s very odd it steered perfectly up until 2 days ago.No hands on the wheel it steered and stopped dead straight but if it's junk,it's gone.

No problem thank you,i hope it is not the worse case scenario.You can respond back to this question if you need to with further questions after rating positive,thanks again..
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