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Volkswagen Golf: Hi there my 2002 VW golf 1.6L automatic) broke

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Hi there my 2002 VW golf 1.6L automatic) broke down last week. I was driving along when the ABS light came on then the airbag light and suddenly the dash lights just dimmed. I stopped in traffic turned car off and then it wouldn't restart. Waited 5 mins and strarted so managed to get it off onto a side rd when all dash lights failed as did the electronics in the car.The NRMA service guy said it was my alternator. Unfortunately I had to get car towed to repair centre. The mechanic says my alternator b+ cable, battery fuse box, battery and cover all need replacing due to excessive resistance in fuse box caused fuse & cable to melt. I requested the mechanic to show me the items that need repairing ( quite came in at double what I expected repairs to be). I want to know what I'm looking at tomorrow. Where is the alternator cable B+, battery fuse box and cover located so I can make sure they are showing me the right thing & not trying to fix more than is actually necessary. Thanks in advance. Tash
Hi Tash. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help. The B+ wire is the small wire that runs from the battery to the alternator. The battery fuse box is the little black plastic box that has a lid right on top of the battery box it has some inline fuses in it. The battery box is the large plastic box that surrounds the battery. Basicly you should see some melted wires and melted plastic covers. It is hard for me to believe that the battery and the box is melted. I think they would have had to caught on fire for this to happen. The battery is located on the drivers side towards the front. The damage should be obvious the insulation on the wires should be melted and discolored. The plastic surrounding the battery would be melted. If it is not melted it does not need to be replaced. If you have further questions let me know.
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The battery could have been overcharged by the alternator. If you could have them remove the battery you could take it to the auto parts store and they will test for free.