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Toyota Sienna LE-AWD: Hello, How many hours of labour can

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How many hours of labour can I expect to be charged for the replacement of a Toyota Sienna 2008 LE-AWD engine coolant molded HOSE? It burst today, with oil leaking out onto the street!! (leak emanating from passenger side by front wheel). Once towed to the garage, I was told that the entire component may have to be changed if Toyota doesn't sell the hose separately. They found a pinhole in my hose that must have caused it to burst. I researched a GATES hose for SIENNA part 23298 for $20.00. The mechanic told me that the entire component is very costly. Thx!

Ok, that is the molded upper radiator hose. Labor time to replace is 0.9 hr. So, depending upon a shop's hourly labor rate, between $70-90

2008 Toyota Truck Sienna AWD V6-3.5L (2GR-FE)
Labor Information Skill Level Standard
Replace Lower Hose
C 1.0
Replace Upper Hose
C 0.9
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The radiator was replaced in November of 2012. I logged the cracked radiator with head office Toyota, as it was considered highly unusual for a van of that age to have its radiator replaced. Would this upper hose that you are referring to have likely been replaced at the time of the new radiator installation? The same garage the replaced the radiator has my vehicle.


while most shops recommend replacing both upper and lower hoses when replacing the radiator, if the vehicle had less than 80K miles, they probably didnt recommend it. If they were replaced, it would have been itemized on your repair bill.

If not on the repair bill, then it wasnt replaced at that time. Every shop handles add on sales and recommendations differently, usually based upon condition and age of parts when inspected.

As principle, there is no reason or requirement to replace the radiator hoses if radiator is cracked. You inspect the hoses as you remove the radiator and decide if they should be recommended or not. If they are, then the service manager would have called you to get your ok on the added expense. the cost of the hoses are not part of the cost of the radiator, therefore they would have had to get your ok on it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It seems that the garage was referring to a 'molded' S or Z-shaped engine coolant hose (he described it to me) that burst. Since the radiator was replaced just 7 months ago, what that may need to be purchased in conjunction with this hose Ie. When this hose burst (and the vehicle had just been parked and was not driven afterwards), what other component connected to this hose could have been potentially damaged. I trust the garage's work but paying for a $20 hose vs a $800 complete component is a scary thought...I will only know on Monday when they check with Toyota parts.


Obviously without inspecting your vehicle, I cannot guarantee that there is no more damage, but based upon your description of when the hose burst and your statement that it was not driven at all after the hose burst, there should not be any other damage.

the only other costs to the repair would be a couple of new clamps for the new hose, about $3 each, and the cost of coolant, about $20.

the hose connects from the radiator to the thermostat housing and the coolant bypass pipe. Both of these are hardened metal components and not subject to bursting or breaking due to the hose bursting.

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