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GSi: I have an Opel corsa GSi (1.8litre , 5 door hatch back).The

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I have an Opel corsa GSi (1.8litre , 5 door hatch back).
The door locking system works perfectly if I lock and then open the doors from outside by using the key fitted into the drivers door.
However, if I use the remote to lock the doors, either one press for lock or two presses for deadlock I cannot open the driver's door, all other doors can be opened with the exception of the driver's door - even tho' the button seen through the driver's door window has risen to indicate the door is unlocked. I then have to press the remote to relock the doors and try again. Every time on the second lock/unlock cycle the drivers door can be opened from outside using the handle lever.
If I sit inside the car and do the same thing - lock and then unlock by using the remote the driver's door can be opened every time using the inside door handle. Any suggestions please?


Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


It sounds like you have a mechanical failure of the latch itself. If the lock button pops up when using the power locks then you know the system is electrically ok. The problem has to be with the internal linkage in the door latch and replacing the latch should take care of the issue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I can try that later this week - need to make time to take panels off etc.


But why on every second attempt does it functions OK?


If sometimes it was on the first attempt, sometimes second or even third attempt I could understand it but not perfect every second opening/locking cycle.


What do you mean by the latch - is this the external handle or simply the total mechanical movement?







The latch is the unit inside the door that closes around the striker on the B pillar to hold the door closed.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think that you are correct- I had to travel across to South Durban on business this morning and had time to call in at the dealer.

They told me that the actuator needs replacement - demonstrated by showing me the ease of moving the open/close button up and down - almost no resistance.


So will complete process for you now and obtain a replacement actuator sometime soon.