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Marty, ASE Certified Technician
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Triumph Spitfire: I have a 1979 triumph spitfire and the brake

Customer Question

I have a 1979 triumph spitfire and the brake lights stopped working. The fuse is fine and I replaced the brake relay, tested the bulbs, cleaned connections and added solder to the bulb connectors. But there is no power running through the lines and I don't know if there is a ground I am missing.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Marty replied 4 years ago.

eurotec :

Hi, and welcome. My name is Marty. Have you replaced the stop light switch at the pedal?

JACUSTOMER-s3zcz0cu- : Yes, I recently replaced the switch. But the issue still remained. Non related to that, For a while I got the lights to flash but went back to nothing again
eurotec :

Ok, are you able to test for power to the stop light switch? Either that or you can just connect the two wires of the switch together and see if the brake lights come on. It sounds like your new switch is defective.

eurotec :

If the lights come on when you connect the two wires together you have a bad stop light switch. If the lights don't come on you need to test for voltage to one of the two wires to the switch.

JACUSTOMER-s3zcz0cu- : I don't have a voltage meter, how would I connect the two wires?
eurotec :

Just unplug the two wires from the switch and jump them together with a piece of jumper wire.

JACUSTOMER-s3zcz0cu- : Still no connection
JACUSTOMER-s3zcz0cu- : No power going to the switch
eurotec :

Ok, how were you able to test for power to the switch? Did you use a test light?

eurotec :

If you have tested for voltage to the stop light switch with a test light or voltmeter and found no voltage at either wire you must a have a fault with the fuse or the fuse box or with the wire from the fuse to the stop light switch.

JACUSTOMER-s3zcz0cu- : I used a voltage tester, not a light tester. Before when I was having the trouble I played with the fuse box, added another fuse to take some strain off the three that run the car. And that didn't fix the light problem but everything else is getting power just fine. Though I didn't find any power coming through the wires going into the switch
eurotec :

Ok, why don't you just run a new wire from the fuse to the switch.

JACUSTOMER-s3zcz0cu- : Ran a new wire. No change
eurotec :

Ok, did you run the wire from the fuse or from the battery? Why don't you run power to the switch directly from the battery so we know we are getting power. It doesn't make sense that you would have no power to the stop light switch and when you run power directly to the switch the stop lights still don't work. I can't imagine that you have multiple problems but I suppose it's possible. I'd run a wire directly from the positive battery cable and touch it to each one of the wires to the brake light switch and make sure that the brake lights turn on.