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caughlins, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 89
Experience:  ASE Advanced engine diagnosis master technician. Factory Trained on Bentley, Lamborghini, Lotus and Jaguar
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Bentley Azure: When I returned after long absence the trunk

Customer Question

When I returned after long absence the trunk alarm was running but battery too low to start car. I recharged battery, car (96 Azure) starts and runs fine, but alarm in trunk will not shut down
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  caughlins replied 4 years ago.

caughlins : Some times the batteries in the alarm go bad. It will take an hour plus of driving to charge. When you say the alarm in boot won't shut down what exactly is going on? The alarm sounding? Colin
JACUSTOMER-9bglxs2w- : Yes, the alarm continually rings. I have only driven it about 15 minutes so far. Do you mean it will recharge from the alternator but not via a charger on starting battery?
JACUSTOMER-9bglxs2w- : It is the alarm in trunk, not the security alarm
caughlins :

The Alarm batteries only charge with the key on. If your charger is capable of 25 amps turn the key on with the charger attached. I am unclear as to what you mean by the alarm in trunk. There is only one security alarm. Is it a sound or a warning on the dash you are seeing? The siren for the alarm is in the right front wheel well. There are modules in the boot. Can you describe the sound or record it and attach it to this? Colin

JACUSTOMER-9bglxs2w- : The security alarm in the wheel well is not on, but there is a loud buzzing alarm in the trunk area.
caughlins :

Can you tell which side of the trunk it is coming from? And how loud? Car horn loud? Or key in buzzer loud? Colin

JACUSTOMER-9bglxs2w- : Key in buzzer loud
caughlins :

Sounds like there is a relay behind one of the panels staying powered up. You can isolate the side and remove the panels pretty easily. Once the relay is located we can figure out what the relay does.