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Jaguar S-Type: I have a 2003 Jaguar S-type, Vin# XXXXX

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I have a 2003 Jaguar S-type, Vin# XXXXX mileage 172,233,

(History)I bought this car 2 years ago Feb 2011. It ran pretty smooth, the catalytic converter was replaced free of charge within the first 30 days of having it. I admit I did put alot of miles on it driving it back and forth from L.A. to San Diego for a brief period. So some of the wear and tear is because of me.

The check engine light has been on for the last two weeks, with Restricted Perfromance
I took it for an oil change and a diagnostic. Here's what Jaguar mechanics told me, Im looking for a second opinion. (Im a female, and have ran across bad guys who have ripped me Im a bit skeptical now on where I take my car)

Codes: P0133 & P0153 indicate both upstream oxygen sensors are bad. Gave me an estimate for the sensors $379 ea. X2= $758 + Tax Install
Codes: P0171 & P0174
(They tried replacing these which would have cost me an additional $175, but when they cleared the codes, they returned so they replaced my old sensors.

Now, the engine didnt turn off when they drove it, but on 4 occassions I have drove over speed bumps and the engine will completely stop....the electrical components will still be on like the lights and music, but the engine will stop. And it only has happened after I have driven over a hump of speed bump.

For about a month now, whenever I drive to 40, you hear this noise and the car jets back a little when I try and accelerate. Any good sound advice and opinion would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


The P0133 and 153 are for the upstream oxygen sensors, and these can be caused by failed sensors, wiring, or (rarely) the engine controller itself. The wiring should be tested and if they've diagnosed the problem in person then I expect they have. Failed oxygen sensors are almost always the cause of oxygen sensor codes.


The other two codes you have are fuel system codes that can be set by the failed oxygen sensors. There are other possible causes, but seeing these set at the same time as oxygen senor codes I would recommend repairing the oxygen sensor issue first and see if these return.


The price of the sensors seems a bit high. My information is showing these sensors costing $169 each and the labor time to replace each one calls for .3 hour.


The engine dying when going over a bump is unrelated to the fault codes that are set. It sounds like you've got a poor connection or failing component and hitting the bump is causing something to lose contact. If it's not setting a code to aid in diagnosis then this problem may have to be diagnosed while it is happening. It could be an internal issue in the engine controller or a cam or crank sensor that's going down, or it could be that the controller is losing a power or ground feed momentarily because of a wiring or connection issue.

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