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suzuki 07 xl7 jerks as if out of gas for a split second, 4-5

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suzuki 07 xl7 jerks as if out of gas for a split second, 4-5 times. has code p056
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Can you please double check the code number for me?

I don't have a listing for a "P056" code?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

am positive it's p056. and this problem is most noticeable going up hill. I am a wholesaler and do know how to work on some cars, but am trying to eliminate possible issues one by one. The engine was removed and timing chain was replaced as the previous owner stated. maybe, not sure. but the motor is noisy for an 07 with only 110k.


The only thing I see that would be close to this code would be a "P0056" code. This is for the heated oxygen sensor. Here is the definition for this code.

P0056 Heated Oxygen Sensor (Bank 2 Sensor 2) Heater Circuit Malfunction

Possible Causes

HO2S connector is damaged (check pins for damage, and for moisture)
HO2S heater control circuit is open
HO2S heater Ignition circuit is open (check power circuit fuse in U/H fuse b ox)
HO2S heater has failed (it may be shorted internally)
ECM has failed

It is possible that you just have a bad o2 sensor causing this hiccup you are describing. The heated oxygen sensor is used for the computer for fuel control. It will control injector pulse based on the o2 sensor signals. You might want to start by checking this o2 sensor and circuit to at least rule this out and if not, replace the o2 sensor as needed.

Another possible cause would be a bad mass air flow sensor. This is very common too. This is also used by the computer for injector pulse. It is located on the air intake snorkel under the hood. Here is a pic.


Just be sure that the tune up parts are in good shape.

I hope this helps!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is there a way to check on the MAF? didsconnecting it for example would do what to the problem.

The best way to check the mass air flow sensor is to check the signal using a scanner that can read live data. The scan tool displays the MAF sensor value in grams per second (g/s) and hertz (Hz). Values should change rather quickly on acceleration, but should remain fairly stable at any given engine speed.

If you disconnect the mass air flow sensor, the engine may not run good. It may not even run at all.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is a noisy motor very common on these? i was told the timing chain was replaced along with the tensioners, but it is very noisy.


It is not VERY common, but yes. it does happen from time to time. If everything is working good, it should be nice and quiet.