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Pete, Technician
Category: Car
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Experience:  17 years automotive training and experience.
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630 I / E63: I have a problem with the steering wheel: two

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I have a problem with the steering wheel: two weeks ago, suffered a blow in the front wheel to the driver at an angle severe
Now symptoms are: the steering wheel when you stand and natural light when you stand. But be heavy and do not move straight back to the situation during the deviation, as well as when you roll the wheel to the left top corner lock the steering wheel and I need for full muscle strength to return to the situation of the rectum.
I have programs dis / gt1 & inpa & navcoder & tis
Error messages are:
afs - ce93 al : message ( steering-wheel top , 0c8 ) ----- fault currently not present
- active front steering , supply b3241_vers0
afs - 613a al : undervoltage < 7.5 --- fault currently not present
- energy diagnosis b6131_60112
afs - 6145 al : no monitoring of angle sum relation --- fault currently not present
afs – 613f al : steering - angle plausibility--- fault currently not present
- total steering angle b3241_wisu0
sbsr - 991d sbsr : battery lead (shield) : implausible measured value-- fault currently not present
- battery lead b6577_61043
lm - 9cae lm : control-panel fault - signal implausible -- fault currently not present
- light switch b6300_60102
vm - a39a vm : control unit internal fault -- fault currently not present
- aerial b6550_antenne vm
afs - 614a al : motor position angle not initialised -- fault currently not present
- engine position sensor b3241_lage0
sgm-sim-93fc sgm-sim : undervoltage -- fault currently not present
- saftey and gateway module , supply b6577_61033
afs - 6140 al : redundancy comparison . driver steering anglle , top -- fault currently not present

thank you to answer
my car : BMW 630 I / E63 / 04-2005 /European-style / N52 Engine
Is the problem STEERING GEAR

I'm a moderator for this topic. I've been working hard to find a Professional to assist you right away, but sometimes finding the right professional can take a little longer than expected.

I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will continue my search. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you.

Thank you!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok i am wait for an answer

Thank you for your continued patience. We will continue the search for a professional for you.
My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a professional here at Just Answer. I noticed that your question was not getting a response and thought I would see if you still need help with this.

Has anything been checked or replaced for this issue here?

Is the issue is that the steering is hard to turn in one or both directions?

Let me know so we can continue,thanks Pete.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, I need help.If the vehicle stops in both directions normal routing
But in the case of moving and guidance to both sides: no longer the steering wheel of the situation rectum naturally. No I do I return it after rotation to the situation of the rectum.

O.k.,with what you have described here with the wheel and side of the vehicle being hit like this here whenever the wheel is hit like this this can cause damaged to the steering linkage possibly damaging the steering gear or other components like tie rod ends,control arms and suspension components.

The vehicle should be checked over visually best done on a lift/hoist to see if any mechanical damage is noticed.If any mechanical damage is noticed then it needs corrected to see if this fully corrects this fault here.

If no mechanical damage is found or if after the damage is repaired the problem is still present then this may be an internal mechanical fault in the steering gear itself (rack and pinion).If the steering shaft during the collision was jammed into the steering gear assembly this can cause mechanical damage inside the steering gear/rack and pinion and cause this here requiring replacement to correct this issue.

Without seeing the vehicle it is difficult to pinpoint the exact fault from here but from what you have described this sounds like what may have occurred needing corrected.

Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well, thank you for the response, so I apologize for being late
I will work advice and raise vehicle
Is there a very accurate way to know whether the problem of steering gear
If it does not have problems with other components.
Do you have an idea about the rest of the original message errors.


I would inspect the mechanical components on the vehicles suspension system to see if anything is found damaged or missing.You should be able to compare both sides of the vehicle to see if anything is noticed damaged or broken by comparing the damaged side to the side that wasn't involved in the accident.

Unfortunately my info doesn't cover the info for the message errors you see above. I would start with inspection and replace/repair anything damaged then have an alignment done to see if it resolves the issue.The codes should all be erased to see if any codes come back and which codes come back.

If nothing is found mechanically damaged then most likely the fault is in the steering gear itself needing replaced.

Thanks Pete
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think it does not have problems with components
But you expect that the pressure on the left arm of the strike (left column)

If the vehicle was hit hard enough it can damage the left arm pushing it into the steering gear and damaging the gear itself.In this case the steering gear would need replaced.
Pete, Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 28212
Experience: 17 years automotive training and experience.
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