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purchased 2007 suzuki xl7 with 110k. everything runs good but

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purchased 2007 suzuki xl7 with 110k. everything runs good but while parked or while driving i hear a weird noise while turning the wheel to either sides, as if there is something rubbing against the steering, turning while parked or driving is so easy, not hard at all. checked fluid it looked white or creamy, no leaks. any thing you have seen before?
Hello. This is a kind of squeezing noise correct? Yes I have seen this before it is coming from the steering rack seal. Noise travels up the column. Only fix is to replace rack. It will not hurt anything to drive like this. Just annoying
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

should the power steering fluid look creamy?

No sorry overlooked that. There may be air in the system does it look like bubbles? Sometimes these needed to be vacuum bled to get air out. This is done with a special tool that goes on cap and pull a vacuum on reservoir to help pull air out of lines.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ya there is bubbles when i saw it. is there a cheap machine i can buy from Harbor freight? or something else i can do at home? am a wholesaler so i have bunch of tools and have some background, but never heard of power steering bleeding or air trapped until now.

A hand held vacuum pump with reservoir inline like used for brake bleeding or clutch. then you need some type of rubber plug to fit tightly on top of p/s reservoir and pull a vacuum on it. because of all the bends in the lines it will not purge all the air out. The Chevy traverse has same issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so is that related to the squeezing noise i hear when turning? like i said steering turns fine with no difficulty.

if removing the air won't help with this noise i won't worry about it.

No this will not help the squeaking noise. Bleeding will help if you have any whine noise. The squeak noise would need a new rack but if it doesn't bother you I would not worry about it.