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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
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Experience:  16 years automotive and OTR repair including specialized training from Toyota and Mitsubishi
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Hello i do collision repairs on the side but its not enough

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Hello i do collision repairs on the side but its not enough to buy the program that makes estimates. Does anyone no of a cheaper program that allows me to wright estimates and be able to look profesional?

Unfortunately quality and cheap don't go very well together with estimate software. There is nothing really out there that is going to give you a decent resource and good looking estimates without a monthly fee.

Due to the still slow economy in my area we recently switched to CCC's lower package, which is about $200 a month, almost $300 less than we were paying for their full/original package.

If you are OK with going with a low support, relatively unheard of company, Crash Writer is $80 a month and quite honestly the printed results look real similar to CCC.
Additionally if you use it once a week or more, they will also price it at $10 per estimate and no monthly fee.
Being a relatively high volume shop we have to use a bigger name for the support/reliability/etc, however if we were doing just occasional side work etc, you can bet we would switch to Crash Writer just due to the cost difference.
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