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Suzuki Swift: I have a 2005 Suzuki Swift. The emission warning

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I have a 2005 Suzuki Swift. The emission warning light is showing on the Dash intermittantly. The Swift has only done 70,000 kms. I read that the petrol cap may not be closed properly, so I re-closed this and the light went away for about a week, then came on again, but when the petrol tank was nearly empty, the light went off again. Could there be a problem regarding pressure in the petrol tank. I am a female and don't know much about cars - can you suggest any actions I should take.

There is either a restriction in the evaporative emission system or possible vapor canister full of fluid, purge control solenoid faulty or possible bad vent valve.

Unfortunately, this is going to require both a diagnostic scan tool as well as a special smoke machine to diagnose which of the above is faulty.

This is something that cannot be diagnosed at home due to the speciality equipment needed.

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