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Primastar minibus: Nissan Primastar: hi I have a Nissan Primastar

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Nissan Primastar: hi I have a Nissan Primastar 1.9 mini bus 2004. I am having problems with the steering when you try and turn the steering wheel either direction, the steering is intermittent by that I mean firsts its sort of easy to turn as usual, then hard and difficult before return back to easy. and it keeps alternating between the two until you get to full lock. then the same when you turn it back in the other direction?

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It's possible that you could have a problem in the steering gear or a binding tie rod end or ball joint, but it sounds like you have a bad intermediate shaft which goes between the steering column and the gear. The shaft contains a U joint to allow it to pivot and when this joint binds it will cause the problem you are having. The steering will get tight about every 90 degrees of travel because of the bound joint. I would recommend removing the shaft and feeling the joints by hand and you should find that one is binding and the shaft will need to be replaced.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't think this is the problem and as there is absolutely no play in the steering even though I can't see this joint without stripping out the dash. And I'm not happy messing with the air-bag. With constant pressure applied to the steering wheel in any one direction, if the joint had failed there would be play in the steering when turning the other direction meaning the joint hasn't failed. Another expert on another forum has recommended to park the front wheel tight to the Kerb, and then turn into the kerb putting resistance against the wheel and seeing if there was a noise or change and if there was, the belt is worn or pump is failing. yes the pump is screaming but unsure if its definitely the pump as this is an usual thing for pump to cope with ' I'll change the belt and see what happens then but don't want to by a pump unless I have to?

If the intermediate shaft had a binding joint it wouldn't cause the steering to be loose.

If the pump is whining on it's own then the fluid is low, aerated, there is a restriction in the system or the pump has failed. If it only whines when you put the wheels to a curb and try to force it to turn then that's not really an issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Have discover a worn belt with section missing rubber etc causing pump not to be
Pumping correctly
You had mentioned that the problem happens in the same spot each time through each revolution of the wheel, correct? A belt with a chunk missing can cause the power steering pump to slip but it won't cause the steering to stiffen in the exact spot in each revolution of the wheel.
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