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cherokee: After touching a grounded wire to the IGN/14 hole

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After touching a grounded wire to the IGN/14 hole in my fuse box from my temp plug on motor my jeep wont start. It turns over and I have all my lights and gauges but no fire. Also there are codes 5 in total reading high voltage to tps,batt temp,o2,fuel pump and one other dont remember. I did change all the fuses in the cab and moved around the ones under hood. also pulled the plug from coil and tested there is no power going to coil? Not sure were to go from here maybe change the cps but woundn't kill all power to the coil plug I dont think?

hello this is corey thanks for using just answer.

it sounds like you may have sent a voltage spike to the ecm.
if all your fuses are ok,and its giving you codes for multiple sensors you should test ecm or replace it
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I run a direct hot to the coil to see if the ecm is good or will I hurt something else

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can I hook a direct hot to the coil to see if the ecm is good by making run or will I hurt something else

you could possibly damage other components. if you have a multimeter you can check for voltage from the cam sensor inside the distributor. there should be a 3 wire connector coming from the distributor. you would connect the multimeter set to dc voltage between the purple wire and black/blue wire. you should see between 0-5 volts while engine is cranking. then connect between the purple and black/blue wire, you should see 5 volts. if there is more voltage then 5 then suspect bad computer

you could also check the voltage at the throttle position sensor on the throttle body since you have a code for it. if its more than 5 volts or no voltage suspect a bad ecm.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry cant rate because I dont just have a ecm to put in my jeep. I oredered one and should be here tuesday afternoon i will install and then either leave feed back or ask another question!

No problem let me know how it goes
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