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Zuzuki Verona: I have a 2004 Zuzuki Verona and recently paid

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I have a 2004 Zuzuki Verona and recently paid a dealership $4900 to for a new engine because they told me that the engine was bad. I only had 142K miles on the car. I replaced it and the car has been back in the shop repeatedly with the engine light still coming on!! NOW, they are saying it is the harness that needs be rewired and it is another $2000. Help, I do not want to give them another dime of my money...I am a 65 year old woman with a fixed income.
Welcome to Justanswer ! my name is XXXXX XXXXX i will do my best to assist you with this problem
this is a Suzuki correct ?
do you know what code they keep getting that is turing on the light ?
how long ago was the engine installed ?
did they say which circuit or thing needs to be rewired ?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

P0153 - sensor bank 1 and sensor bank 2 with slow response; I had the engine installed on 5/2/12 - P0131 another time; then a P0300


They are saying now that it needs a new harness and rewired. -p0133, P0174 and P0172 They are saying the cost is $2,060.05...


I am not trusting them at this point


i agree i would raise the red flag also with this price
all 3 of those codes are O2 sensor codes slow to respond and too rich and too lean
are they saying they need to rewire the O2 sensors ?
did they say what happened to the wiring for it to requier rewiring ?
did a dealer do the engine change ?or an independant shop ?
im sorry for all the questions but i want to be sure to give you the correct answer !
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I took it straight to a dealer that are authorized to service zuzuki; no they ae saying that the harness needs to replaced and then rewired to the engine part ...they said the wiring is worn.


I told them that it should have been checked the first time they installed the new engine. What actually should be done when you install a new engine?

wiring does not wear out it becomes melted or broken due to wiring harnesses not put back where they belong expecially after an engine change
its hard for them to check the wiring visually before they change the engine
when an engine is changed all the engines complete wiring harness is reused
cant they just repair the wires that are in question ? did you ask them are the wires broken ? melted ? how did they wear out ?
like i said im sorry for all the questions here but just need to be sure to give you the correct answer
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

These are some excellent questions. I have a strong feeling that the engine was not replaced back into my car and it has caused this problem. I just tried to call the dealership and ask them these questions but he did not answer.


I am going to go to the dealership now along with your questions and will get back to you....I do have a 3 year warranty of the new engine. However, do you believe that the harness wiring should be a part of this warranty? Which means I do not owe them anything. They are asking for another $2,060.00 for the harness!!

only if the wiring harness was not put back where it belongs and that caused the wiring to be damaged,melted or broken
usually most harnesses can be fixed instead of just replacing the complete engine harness
it comes down to how many wires are broken and where they are broken
its going to be hard to get them to warranty this unless they say the wires where damaged from us.probably not going to happen
BUT i would find out what wires and go to another shop that will repair the wires broken or damaged without replacing the complete engine harness

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will definitely accept and respect your expertise and follow-through.


I have one more question. Can the harness be an issue and still give you a code that the engine needed be replaced? Because, now I am questioning their honesty about the engine.


My car will need to pass emissions by July 29th!

there usually is not a code that sets that says the engine needs to be replaced
internal engine issues can set code like if the engine was making noise it could set a knock sensor code ect..
very hard to tell without know what the code was back when they said it needed and engine
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Again a great question ...I am going their now to see what the code was to say that it needed a new engine

you can always get me back through this post any time with any follow up even after you rate us here at Justanswer !
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