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Ford Fairlane: Looking to buy 2004 failane 5.4 ltr, sounds

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Looking to buy 2004 failane 5.4 ltr, sounds like a diesel? dosent sound like my previous 351 carby type oil pressure gauge?
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

It shouldn't be loud enough that you are comparing it to a diesel.

There are quite a few things that could be making noise, either internal or external to the engine. One quick thing that can be done is remove the belt and run the engine for a short period and see if the noise goes away. If it does then you know the it's coming from an engine driven accessory like the water pump, alternator, etc.

If the noise is coming from internal in the engine then it could be a rod or main bearing noise, timing chains, piston slap, etc.

Since you're questioning it I would have the noise checked out before committing to buy the car. You could have a mechanic look at it and see if the noise does appear normal or not to someone that's familiar with the vehicle. If it is agreed that the noise is abnormal then you can have a mechanic diagnose it or give you an idea of what it could be, that way you can make sure you aren't buying a car that needs major engine work.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for that, I will be more specific now.........there is a knock, that sounds like a piston hitting the head in the front left hand bank.....there is a bit of a rattle on start up, and the rattle can be rought back to hearing by backing off to below 1000 rpm and gently holding accelerator in that position
Sounds a bit like main bearing noise......I have talked to the mechanic that services the car as its owned by a local, and he says it always gets a new oil filter with a regular oil change.......I have asked him to take the fan belt off, afix a oil pressure gage and run it......He cant get to it till about 3 weeks, so I have put of buying till I see results.....I believe, their timing chain is a self Tensioner? and Ford tells me 160000 is nothing to that motor.................................Nick

That definitely sounds like an issue then. If the noise is coming from the front of the engine it could definitely be timing chain related, that would be about the mileage where you'd expect the chain to be stretched to the point that the tensioner may not be able to keep it tight anymore.

IT could definitely be coming from a rod or main bearing also, which would be a deeper noise in the engine. You can disable one cylinder at a time and see if the noise changes, if it gets better with a cylinder disabled then you know it's a bearing, piston or wristpin issue.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for the there a damper for adjustment of timing chain? how about a lifter having seized? I appreciate your suggestions, if its a bearing, main or big end, the oil pressure gauge should pick that up straight away?...Im starting to think timing chain, I had the problem with a cleveland 351 I had in a look a like Ho.....It eventually jumped a tooth.....nick

The timing chain tensioner is self adjusting.

A lifter should give a lighter tick type sound. If it is knocking hard enough that you think it's a bearing or timing chain it's probably not a lifter.

If all bearings were excessively worn then you may see a loss of oil pressure but it's just one bearing making noise then you probably won't be able to tell anything with an oil pressure test.