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1999 chev silverado 4.8L security light on. starts then shuts

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1999 chev silverado 4.8L security light on. starts then shuts down right away.somtimes wait an hour and it will start fine. went 4 or 5 months than did it again. couldn't start for couple days. found orange wire in steering colunm to shifter broken. is this the cause of the problem?
Hi there - the small wire to which you refer is for the tow / haul switch... I suspect. There aren't chips in the keys, but the security mechanism is in the ignition tumbler assembly. I would start with a new tumbler, get the security relearned, and go from there. That is how I would proceed based upon the presented symptoms. Canuck
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
what do I need to know to change the tumbler and how do I get the security relearned?
Let me see what I can find for you...
Time required, approximately 30 minutes .

Ensure that the battery is fully charged or put a trickle charger on the vehicle. Clear and diagnostic trouble codes. Turn the ignition switch from the OFF position to the CRANK position allowing the vehicle to try and start. The vehicle will start and then stall. Leave the ignition switch in the ON position while observing the security indicator. When the security indicator turns oft, which can take up to 10 minutes, turn the ignition switch off. Wait 10 seconds . Repeat Steps 3-5 2 more times (3 time total).The body control module and the powertrain control module will learn the new code on the next start attempt. column is close to what you have in the truckThis should do it for you. Canuck
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