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Holden Colorado: How do i bleed the brakes on a Isuzu ffr210.

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How do i bleed the brakes on a Isuzu ffr210. Do you have to start at the compreeser masters and work to the back?
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

It depends on what sort of repair has been done. If you've replaced the master cylinder you would first start by bench bleeding it before installation. After installation then you would bleed the furthest wheel from the master cylinder, the right or left rear depending on if the vehicle is right or left and drive. From there you can do the other rear, then both of the front wheels. Have a helper in the cab pump the pedal a few times and hold pressure on it, open each bleeder screw to let air and fluid out, then close the screw before the pedal is released. Do this at each wheel until no more air comes out.

If an ABS component has been replaced then it will require conventional bleeding first, followed by bleeding with a dealer level scan tool and then conventional bleeding again.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Why do start At furthest point would the air not re enter the system under that scenario. I have always started at the closest wheel to the master.

Also if I have pumped all of the brake fluid out of the master reservoir will I need to start bleeding at the master or furtherst piont?
It's always recommend to start at the furthest wheel from the master cylinder when bleeding. Air can't re enter the system unless there is an opening in it somewhere.

You should be able to refill the master cylinder reservoir and bleed he brakes normally. If you are unable to get fluid to any of the wheels then you may need to bleed the master cylinder itself but hopefully that won't be necessary.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
THank you sprinkles08 the brakes are work well now and I did not have to bleed the master.
Great, I'm glad to hear it!