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I have a 2005 Range Rover HSE. Please do NOT reply to this

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I have a 2005 Range Rover HSE. Please do NOT reply to this question unless you are SURE of your answer or have verified it with someone that has done this repair. On the rear of the suv there is the lower metal talegate half and on the top the glass half.
On the VERY BOTTOM of the glass there is a rubber seal that when the top is closed the seal meets the metal lower half of the tailgate. This seal is defective in that the rubber is dryrot. I DO have a new original replacement part. I took it to a auto glass
company NOT associated with a Land Rover dealer. They said the labor would be $400 to $500. !!! Supposedly because they say the glass MUST be removed. In addition they offer ZERO damage responsibility if they destroy the glass in the removal process!! Here
is my question: Can this seal be somehow removed without taking the glass out? Auto glass experts have many tricks of the trade and this might be one of them. I know there is "some sort" of adhesive between the seal and the glass, however maybe by slipping
a blade between the seal and the glass after heating the area somewhat the glue seal can be cut and the new seal just pushed up into place. The seal is like many others that the part that goes onto the glass is rubber coated metal that can be crimped to make
a tight fit. The deal is NOT very cooperative in giving this information out. If someone can find a dealer or glass company familiar with this particular dealer and get the answer I would appreciate it.
Sorry for the long wait.
Many techs have looked at your post and have not felt comfortable helping. This area of concern is not my strongest point but I will try to help as best I can at least with some information. I have access to a lot of repair guides so I should be able to at least do something to aid you if your still needing help and willing to let me try.
Once I post an answer you will be prompted to rate me, not the site or wait time, or the news in my answer. Please let me know exactly what you need from me so I can earn a good rating.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sure Moose, give it a go. I think if you can locate any glass company that does work for any Land Rover dealer they will probably give good information. As a Pro you are more likely to get a straight answer. Let me know and thanks for responding. Note, I AM comfortable in removing the plastic interior pieces to gain access to the interior side of the seal.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Additional: I am a good mechanic / technician, however, without the "inside information" from someone that has already done this, probably several times it is great to know what such a person says. If the glue that adheres the seal to the glass is super strong then it might be a real task to get it off without breaking the glass. However, it might be a breeze.
You are correct in your findings so far, the glass does need to be removed. in most cases when glass is cu out, it often cracks around the corners making the glass no loner able to be used because it will shatter soon after that crack since its not safety glass.
Crack is an understatement, we actually all it explode because that's what it sounds like when it occurs.
I would contact they will come to you and do the repair including new glass and installation for under 375$.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The figure of under $375. would not be with original factory glass. And it is difficult to believe that even aftermarket glass WITH the defrosting circuit in it and the tinting would be included for 375. I checked oem glass and it alone is $400. I will just put up with it and try to put the jerks that designed the tailgate out of my mind. When you reply I will award 5 stars. Thanks for your efforts. I appreciate you!
I would check with the glass suppliers, that is the price they listed with the heating grid. There are also many other suppliers around the same price.
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