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I had a timming belt thro and had to get the head done after geting it

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I had a timming belt thro and had to get the head done after geting it done i started the car and it ran like new. I drove it down the road and at about 2500 rpm it started knocking and oil light came on i took off valve cover and notice one side was completley dry and other side had very little oil ??? Help is it possable the oil pump went out or is it a head done wrong or what im stumped OH it is a 1.8 turbo doc interferance type motor 2005 beetle The car will idle fine seams to get enough oil at top and light stays off it starts knocking when it gets over 2k rpm
Hi .

You will have to check this with a mechanical oil pressure gauge ,
This will confirm a bad oil pump .

What condition was the head in was it full of sludge ?

What was the problem with the head that you had to remove it .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I took off the filter and started it and oil barley trickled out so im guessing it is the pump ??? The head was messed up when the timmimg belt thru it bent all the valves. I had it rebuilt and this happened after putting it all back together. When the filter is off and i started the car it should have sprayed oil everywhere?? is that correct? Is the oil pump chain have to be timed??

Hi .

Yes you should of got a lot of oil thrown out with the filter removed .

If you did not have any oil come out then the oil pump is damaged and will need replacing

Was the oil pump chain installed ,( No timing needed ).

If a little oil came out then you have the chain on and this would indicate a bad pump .


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Rgds Greg
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Greg youve been very helpfull.