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I have a light flashing saying (hold)and I have no pick up power to drive. And where is th

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I have a light flashing saying (hold)and I have no pick up power to drive. And where is the transmission dip stick located at? The owners manual doesnt say. thanks

Ok the hold light flashing indicates a transmission malfunction. If fluid level is ok, this will 1005 absolutely require the use of a scan tool with transmission testing capabilities to scan for fault codes and then diagnose. It could be a solenoid or pressure switch issue or more serious, such as an internal failure

There is no transmission dipstick. you have to check level at the fill plug underneath the vehicle

AT Fluid Level Check (No Dipstick)
Application/Qualifier Procedure
ZF4HP16 Warm engine to normal operating temperature. Check the fluid level when the fluid temperature is 86° F (20° C), shift through all gear ranges, pausing a few seconds in each gear range, then return to PARK. To check fluid, remove fluid fill plug. Fluid may drain from hole. If oil does not drain, add oil until it does drain, stop adding oil, and reinstall plug. Torque plug to 33 ft. lbs. (45 Nm)

AT Fluid Level Check Illustrations
  • ZF4HP16
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