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Randall C
Randall C, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 12831
Experience:  32 years Foreign / Domestic Cars All aspects of Diag and Repair
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Power Door Lock Switch Location

Customer Question

Power Door Lock Switch Location
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Randall C replied 4 years ago.

Tracer :

Hello, I am Randall. I have reviewed your question and working on it now. Will return shortly

Tracer :

sorry for the delay

Tracer :

year, model, make. engine? thanks

Customer : It is a 99 ford escort srs 2.0 5spd 4dr
Tracer :

so you are trying to locate the power door lock switches? correct? and do you have power windows?

Customer : No power windows,I found the sw for the doors ,once but then forgot where it was and can' t find it again.It's the first ford i've seen where it is not on the door panel
Tracer :

not on the door panel? all info I remember and have shows on the door panel. marked U and L. you have no switches at all on either door panel/

Tracer :

let me recheck some things. Back soon

Tracer :

I have to opt out, this post was under car instead of Ford, I will have JA move the post to Ford.

Customer :

It is a 1999 ford escort srs 4dr 2.0 5speed

Tracer :

ok, I am sorry you are hanging on this. Let me ask, no pwer windows, are you sure you have power locks>?

Customer : No power windows I'm sure,doors unlock with ford remote.Don't feel bad 2ford dealers could not tell me,,owners manuel shows the sw.,but not where is.I found it once and it is the same color as the interior maklng almost invisable.I am not an amateur,i have 50yrs bodywork and mechanic behind me,mostly with ford.It's pretty embarrising just to have to ask.Thanks
Tracer :

All I can say? I will continue to opt out. I have owned 6 Ford escorts up till 2001 and none had any hidden switch. Its always on the door panel. Always on this model. I have reviewed connector locations, owners manual. and 2 other references from Ford database.

Customer : The dealer it was originaly bought from is about 15 miles from so I think I'll ride over there and see if any of mecanics can tell me anything.This is not a thing of geat lmportance,but it has be come a challenge,so i will find if i have to dismantle it piece by piece! Thanks
Tracer :

wow, well, keep me in the loop, i have not run into anything like this with no switch on the door. let me know