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altima: 02 Nissan Altima se 3.5 I suspect timing in off 1 or

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02 Nissan Altima se 3.5 I suspect timing in off 1 or 2 notches can you set timing by just take off valve cover and moving cam shaft gear. if so how.
Hello and welcome to just answer! This motor has a timing chain, three actually. It is not uncommon for the chain slack guide to wear and allow the main chain to jump. If it is out of time proper repair would require chain and guide replacement. Click here for information regarding that.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The crankshaft has been remove and turn replace bearing with oversize bearing.timed engine by the book but will not crank,coils wires getting

12v on red wires and on black wire ground i was reading another thread on here a guy had the same problem he took car to Nissan service they told him it out of time.he changed the engine because of frustration new engine worked,then the just answer expert told him he could have set the timing in about 20 minutes by removing valve covers loosen camshaft gear set timing that way .will it work for me?

The camshaft gears are non adjustable as they are held on a specific placed n the cam by a dowel. (see below) The expert may of been speaking of doing something to the variable valve timing actuator but that is not the proper way either. The correct way is to pull the timing cover, loosen the chains, set alignment marks and adjust via the factory timing marks. I am unaware of any shortcuts to perform this properly.
If you wanted to get a quick idea if the timing is right perform a compression test.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

will you please sent me a print out on how to set timing step by step.

and a diagram

Sure thing, the entire procedure with step by step diagrams can be viewed and printed here
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