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Nissan 350Z Roadster: I am having issues with my 2007 350Z

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I am having issues with my 2007 350Z Roadster. When I start it up it almost stalls unless I give it gas. then it will idle ok but it continues to struggle or jump as I am driving the car. This all started along time ago as I downshifted to pass a car and after passing the car and slowing down the car began to feel like it didn't want to accelerate any further. I have read the ECU at Advanced Auto Parts and came up with codes P0300, P0173, and P0174.
Hello and welcome to just answer! The PO300 is a random multiple misfire code. PO173 refers to a fuel trim malfuction and PO174 shows the fuel system is lean. There are several things that can cause these code to come up together.1. Vacuum leaks2. Bad oxygen sensor3. The most common and likely, Mass air flow sensor.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I already knew that information.. Would the MAF be a progressing type of problem because this has been a progressing problem to where it is now.

Yes, it is possible that the sensing element in the MAF has accumulated dirt/debris and is reading improperly. It would be worth it to purchase a can of MAF cleaner and see if cleaning it helps. If it does not I would suggest having someone with a scanner that has live data capabilities look at it to check the readings from the maf and O2 sensors.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did try cleaning it with MAF cleaner and it seemed to work for about 20 min then began with the same symptoms. When I unplugged them during idle I noticed that the car would not idle over 2000 RPM. I then plugged them back in and turned the car off and it idled over 2000 RPM and continued with same symptoms.. Would the MAF cause the fuel system to run lean? And what is meant by bank1 and bank2? Does that mean right or left sides?

What you describe are all symptoms indicative of a faulty MAF sensor. Yes, a maf problem can cause the vehicle to run lean as the computer uses information from the maf along with O2 sensors to adjust fuel trim. Bank 1 and 2 refer to the location on each side. See diagram below.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would the MAF cause the car to idle poorly and while driving would it cause the car to bog down(struggle or jump)?

Yes, MAF input is one of the most critical that the computer uses to control fuel trim and ignition timing. Observation of live data via scan tool could confirm the issue.
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