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Stealth: I have a 1991 dodge stealth DOHC non-turbo, We had

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I have a 1991 dodge stealth DOHC non-turbo, We had removed the heads to put new lifters, valve guide seals, head gaskets, timing belt, water pump, harmonic balancer, and basicly all new seals and gaskets from the heads up. however now that it is back together it will not start. I have spark and fuel and the timing is correct. I pulled the intake manifold off I had it repainted and there is a sensor on the side of the manifold closest to the camshaft sprockets that was removed to paint it and then was re installed. My question is is there a certin way that that sensor was supposed to be reinstalled to control the butterfly valves inside the intake manifold?
Hello and welcome to just answer! The induction control servo should mate into the throttle plates one way. I would suggest removing it and looking at how it locks onto the plate to make sure it mates when installed. To check for faults with it click here
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