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suzuki verona: Suzuki Verona 2004 Not Running. IT Will Not

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Suzuki Verona 2004 Not Running. IT Will Not Start. i've checked all coils and plugs to see if getting fire and all 6 have fuel and firegoing to them. have replaced the crank and cam sensors both with nothing. also has a new starter and the engine spins and tries to start but just not doing it.... my question is how do you check the timing and get it set correctly if that is what the problem is?????? There is not a manual for this car and very little on the web if any.... they must have wanted it to be took back to the dealer.

Thanks, Chris
Hello Chris, welcome to Just Answer! What were the results of your compression test?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1 157

2 137

3 10

4 90

5 121

6 135


going to take the head off after i check the timming to see if it might have blown head gasket but even if it did have that it should at least crank but run bad.... ive heard that if the timming is off on a straight 6 it could show a false reading on a compression test.... also there is NO water in the oil when drained out. No metal shavings. the car ran fine with just a miss fire before shutting off on 3. that was the only code that popped up....

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX and 4 are definitely an issue here. It's possible the head gasket is blown between those cylinders or the timing chain jumped and it bent valves. I'll attach The timing diagram below. Let me know what you find and I can assist you further.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What are the specs for how tight the bolts are and firing order? I found that picture to on autozone's web site under aero 2.5 L6 as well but there are no specs... or firing order??? Dose this engine start with 1 or another cylinder??? been raining here so havent got the chance to do anything in 2 days. figured that if i'm going to pay money for talking to you might get my moneys worth. Is there a complete tare down and rebuild manual for this engine with specs??? Suzuki never did a repair manual that i've found out there????

For torque specs of the timing cover and entire chain replacement procedure click here. The firing order is 1,5,3,6,2,4 cylinder 1 being the closest to the drive belts. You can find factory service manuals and Cd's on ebay or on a subscription service such as ALLDATA DIY
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