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Mitsubishi Eclipse GS: I have a 95 eclipse gs that was running

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I have a 95 eclipse gs that was running rough and would try stalling when i come to stops, one morning it took about 10 minutes to get it running with me tapping the gas now the car doesn't start at all. Ive changed spark plugs and wires, air filter, cleans throttle body, replaces iac valve and throttle position sensor all with no luck.

Hi Chris,


My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am a professional here at Just Answer. I noticed that your question was not getting a response and thought I would see if you still need help with this.

If the fuel pressure has not been tested yet to see if this is an issue on this vehicle this should be done.On the fuel injector rail there should be a test port that a fuel pressure test gage can thread onto.I would test the fuel pressure to see if the fuel pump is weak and has been causing this type of fault and has failed.Your fuel pressure should be between 46 and 49 psi,a scan tool is required for the proper testing to energize the pump but you can try and turn on the key to see if you receive pump pressure or crank over the engine to see if your pressure is within range

If fuel pressure is o.k. then spark should be tested to see if spark is present.If you do not have spark to any of the spark plugs let me know and we can continue from there.

Thanks Pete

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey Pete thanks for the response but I had the car towed to a shop and it ended up being the fuel module. Unfortunately I don't know how the close this question.



I am following up with you to see if you still needed help with your question you had asked.If my help didn't satisfy your question please let me know so we can continue.

Thanks Pete