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2001 Mitsubishi Galant: My daughter was involved in an accident

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My daughter was involved in an accident where an elderly lady pulled out in front of her causing damage to the front end of her 2001 Mitsubishi Galant. Speed limit in the area was 45 - 60 mph. While following the other driver to pull over to exchange insurance info, she was not able to stop and in her words: "I could not do anything....the brakes were not working." "I had no control whatsoever over the car." Therefore she rear-ended the other driver as she was following close behind to pull over. My question: could the first collision have caused a broken cable or other damage to the brakes/accelerator so that she could not stop. The damage to the front is is bad - the car is totaled. What are your thoughts?

It is possible that the first collision could have cause one of the brake lines to the front wheels to break, resulting in loss of brake pedal pressure, if the original collision was severe enough.

an inspection of the front brakes would reveal this.

for damage to occur to the accelerator cable at the throttle body, the front end would have had to be pushed in at least a foot or more from the original collision. This is much less likely than damage to a brake line.
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