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Power Steering problems on a 2011 Ford Fusion Error codes C1277 C1963 How

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Power Steering problems on a 2011 Ford Fusion
Error codes
How would these error codes lead ford service center to conclusion that rack and pinion replacement? Just need a second opinion before agreeing to repair costs.

Both of these codes are for steering wheel rotation sensor faults. the steering wheel rotation sensor is incorporated into the Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS) rack and pinion gear. This is not a serviceable item by itself, which means that when it is faulty you have to replace the whole rack and pinion assembly

Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Obviously I'm not the only one experiencing this problem, any idea as to why this part would fail? I've seen many complaints online for the identical problem some with much less mileage on the car.


Part of the reason is simply that this was new technology and as with many electronic components, the first couple of years they come out on the market, there are still bugs being worked out.

As to why so many auto manufacturers such as Ford decide to release new technology before all bugs are worked out, I can only speculate as it would require an answer from Ford executives to answer this. My speculation is simply the fierce competition and afraid of loss of marketshare if they cant keep up with others.

I wish I could give you a more definitive answer on this, but I am not a Ford engineer or executive and it would require them to give you a firm answer.

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