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Izuzu Rodeo SE V-6: my 2001 V-6 SE Rodeo makes a low-whining

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my 2001 V-6 SE Rodeo makes a low-whining sound when gas pedal pressed---stops when you let off the pedal

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Where does the noise seem to be coming from?Engine,transmission?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am unsure honestly...I originally took it to mechanic for strong smell of oil burning off the engine (like an over-heating smell, but the thermostat reads normal) that's when they replaced gasket cover 2 weeks ago. I still have that strong smell and now I have that low-whine I can hear when window rolled down when I press gas pedal
Ok the egr valve will cause this noise even when you do not have any idle issues and because there is a code coming up for the egr this is where is would start.I would not replace the egr I would start with cleaning the egr to see if the code and noise goes away.Another issue on these vehicles to create this noise when the gas pedal is pressed is pinion bearing however you would definitely know this sound is coming from the rear of the vehicle.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi again...just wanted your thoughts on what a different mechanic than I used to replace the gasket valve cover 2 weeks ago told me today. Said the valves were still leaking oil..yeah..same ones I just replaced for $$. Does make sense, since I still smell oil burning off engine. Said idler arm/pulley was making the whining sound I was hearing and they want to replace. leaking coolant that they will plug/cleaned EGR valve that was clogged and water pump needs replaced. It is a 2001 vehicle...but as a female who is just at the mercy of what they tell me.... it is so frustrating & hard to feel confident I am really paying for repairs needed. (esp since last mechanic didnt seem to solve my problem. ?? would appreciate your opinion
Ok give me just a little while to get back home in front of the laptop and I will help you with this,thank you.
The idler arm pulley can make the noise that you are hearing so this is a possibility.Cleaning the egr can cure the issue with the code,however this is normally just a temp fix as the code normally comes back and requires the egr to be replaced.If the valve cover gaskets are still leaking this means that either the gaskets were not replaced or they were replaced but the work was not done properly,meaning the gasket was not seated in place or the bolts were not tightened properly.And last as for the water pump leak,if the water pump has been leaking you would have either seen coolant under the vehicle when parked,seen steam from the engine or the vehicle would have been overheating if none of these has been happening I would have the mechanic physically show you the leak before letting him replace the pump.Thank you.