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Land Rover Range Rover HSK: Hello again, you helped me with

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Hello again, you helped me with a question about towing this vehicle and heater core and now I have another question for you.
Hello, how ya been? I will see what I can do for ya. What is the question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I made a short youtube video....



It looks like the front timing cover seal leaking, with the oil getting all the way up to the alternator. The thing they "goobered" with the RTV is part of the throttle body. Actually a throttle body heater plate and it will leak coolant when it's bad.

The radiator hose rig will work fine as long as the radiator is wide enough and the hood doesn't hit the rigging..
However, it would be best to put some dye in the oil and clean it down then run the engine to be sure of the front seal leak. Sometimes we jack the rear up some and that will make them leak a little faster, so ya can see it.


I have the instructions for the throttle body in a PDF format HERE




Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Do you know quiet a bit about the Land Rovers? (In the even I have more questions in the future?)


I am thinking about replacing the interior carpet on the floor boards. Do you know of any sites that offer parts?

For carpeting the parts dept. normally uses the dealerships for the newer ones if they are damaged. I have gotten some through JC Whittney many years ago for other types of vehicles, not sure if they offer it for the Rovers though. I worked on Rovers as far back as the 70's, (don't want to date myself though) LOL....all types of repairs and collission work, (on the more newer ones)

Jerry and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey again, will you look at this website? Do you know of a similar website for Land Rover that might list part numbers so I can search for missing or worn out items on my HSK?


Although I haven't used any, (that is normally the parts dept's job) I have come accross this one. It doesn't show the part numbers though.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey its me again, I replaced that throttle body heater plate, and the temp was fine for about 10 min then it shot straight to HOT and then back down a little the hot again. I opened the Reservoir and steam was coming out. I know it could be a number of things but looking in your magic mirror, what would you guess it is?

Possibly the thermostat is sticking closed or an air pocket may have been in there. You will want to make sure it's full. Also see if the coolant is circulating.

  1. Disconnect radiator bleed hose at the radiator.
  2. Blow through hose to clear any residual coolant. Reconnect hose.

CAUTION: If radiator bleed hose is not cleared of coolant, air may become trapped at top of radiator during refill, leading to subsequent engine overheating.

  1. Fill expansion tank until coolant is level with base of neck.
  2. Start engine, continue filling at expansion tank until coolant level stabilizes at the 'COLD LEVEL' marking.
  3. Run the engine until the thermostat opens (top hose becomes warm).
  4. Stop engine, allow to cool.
  5. Check coolant level, top-up as necessary.
  6. Refit expansion tank filler cap.