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Cadillac Escalade: Looking for procedure to replace rear backup

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Looking for procedure to replace rear backup camera - it stopped working, it was intermitent for a while, then static on screen, now no camera - NAV WORKS. Found oem on ebay for $60 but need procedure to R&R

Also I need picture of what heated seat module looks like. my front seats are not heating but rear are. I hard I can look for burnt connectors but I am not sure what module under passenger seat is the correct one.

2007 Escalade AWD Base
Hello, IT would be my pleasure to assist you today. Before replacing the camera you may want to check through the technical service bulleting I am posting below along with R&R instructions.
Camera info
For the seat modules, you can identify those via wire color. Click here for that information.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry, I have not had time to look into it yet. for the R&R - do I get to the plug from the inside our outside of the vehicle?


One more question - I need a new CAT, making metalic noises. I see it runs over $1K - Can I use an aftermarket CAT with minor modifications?

Connector is on the inside. You'll have to remove trim panel.
You can pick up an aftermarket cat that will work just fine from here It's EASTERN CATALYTIC Part # XXXXX and runs 391.00
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. I replaced cat and save big money.

Regarding camera. I checked all connections including under passenger seat and they were ok. No backup camera but message to check surrounding area. I assume module is next to be replaced.

And heated seat problem. I inspected connections and they looked ok none were burnt. Neither front heated or cooled seats work. I placed may hand over filter and did NOT feel any air flow. - should I?. Lights on panel still work. Module is listed as 100-1650-B. but I can not find any part no to find replacement.
Yes' the module is most likely at fault. es there should be some airflow. I'm not showing any after market modules available. You may want to try nearby salvage yards or ebay.