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I have a 2000 Chrysler 300M. After a few weeks of having it

Customer Question

I have a 2000 Chrysler 300M. After a few weeks of having it (bought in 2010 the inside temperature display would fluctuate from 26 to 123 degrees, also the engine light would come on and the battery light would come on. Spent nearly $400 on testing and replacing items to no avail including ambient switch and the like. A mechanic online here told me to get new battery and all would fix. IT DID! Recently January 2013 it all started doing it again. Engine light comes on, then battery light. And again the inside temperature display fluctuates. Replaced the ambient switch once again and just yesterday bought brand new top of the line battery ($150). Temperature fixed and seemd all lights would stay off. As I was idling at stoplight I heard the blower kick on and then the engine light and battery light again came on. What is the deal with this car? How is the easiest way to correct this problem? Please? xxx

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Eric replied 4 years ago.
Ok, I need you to do the following within 5 seconds:
turn the key in the ignition to on-off-on-off-on, leaving it in the on position(position just before cranking). Now look at the odometer. any fault codes will show there as a 4 digit code preceded by the letter p. example - P0305
Let me know any codes that show
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I have done that and already know. P1684 and P1493
Expert:  Eric replied 4 years ago.
any issue with engine stalling out?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
None to date no sir. Starts every single time and never has ran rough or idled rough.
Expert:  Eric replied 4 years ago.
ok, do you have a voltmeter for testing?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
no sir, nothing like that no. However I did take this car to autozone a week ago to have the alternator tested. At that time the guy stated the voltage was so low that he couldnt get a reading. It was then I decided to try the old solution of buying a new battery. Again, this can has never not started or ran rough. I am just so confused.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I also had all the fuses checked, they were all good.
Expert:  Eric replied 4 years ago.
Unless the battery that was just installed is defective, the low voltage condition is caused by either a short to ground or open in the wiring harness between the ambient air temperature sensor and the body control module, or a faulty body control module itself.
The wiring harness needs to be tested for a short to ground or open in signal wire and repaired if found. If wiring harness is good, then we have a faulty body control module.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I will try these this week Eric and then rate after I see what happens.
Expert:  Eric replied 4 years ago.
Ok, sounds good. have a great week!