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Toyota RAV4 Limited: I have a 1999 Toyota RAV4XXXXX

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I have a 1999 Toyota RAV4XXXXXwith manual transmission. I can't get it our of second gear. When I press the clutch pedal it disengages and I cam move the shifter but it satays in second gear. How can I fix it?
Hi there I see you are having major trouble with your rav 4. I am sorry to say that you will not be able to repair the transmission without removing it. What has happened is the shift fork or a shift rod has broken inside the transmission and it will require disassembly to repair. The problem will be easy to spot once inside but will probably require major internal disassembly. This is not a do it yourself repair unless you are atleast a average mechanic. Sorry to spell doom and gloom to you but it is not a quick or simple fix. If you are handy at turning wrenches it may be easier to find a used trans and replace it yourself you may save some money that way versus sending it to a trans shop. I hope I have been a help if so please give me a positive rating and accept my answer so I can get credit for it. I am still available if you have further questions. Thanks
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