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Suzuki liana 2006 M16A

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Suzuki liana 2006 M16A blow altonator fuse after changing the diode and the regulator. I start the car after changing it but battery light still on and after 2 min engine running I shut down the engine and also the lights. Going back to under the hood I hear the altonator fuse blow. But one thing on the new regulator connectors is S IG L ant the old one is C IG L.
My question is: is the new regulator the couse?
hi and thank you for using just DANGEROUS URL REMOVED my name is XXXXX XXXXX i am going to try to help,
the C means Common the S means Signal and the two terms are the same it is just one company who made the old part was different than the the one who made the new part.

as for the new regulator being the cause, most likely no. you can tell if the regulator is working by testing voltage you should have around 14 volts with the engine running.

but the cause of the alternator fuse blowing is most likely either an old fuse or you have a short, either internally in the alternator or in the alternator circuit,

or another possibility is that the fuse was not the right fuse,
or you have a too high of an amperage draw on the circuit.

but most likely you have a short in the system
if you have any more questions do not be afraid to ask and i will help as best as i can.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Only thing that was replace was the diodes and regulator, new regulator are the same as the old one but only the C and S.

As you mention: the two terms are the same it is just one company who made the old part was different than the the one who made the new part.

the same thing the local dealer told me.


When last night i finish put the altenator and start the engine i see only the battery light on and the dashboard lights get back to bright.

Before the alternator trip the the dashboard lights went blur.

and then after 2 weeks or so i begin to have this issue.


But what else you suggest me to try to see where the problem is?

Take down the alternator and inspect it again and change the 80 amp fuse?

yes, you need to re inspect the alternator you might have to replace it, there may be an internal short in the alternator causing the voltage regulator to fail, you also will want to check the alternator circuit.

use a volt meter to check the ohms of resistance between the fuse and the output of the alternator then check the resistance between the output wire of the alternator and ground you should have no continuity from the power side to ground,
if you do repair the short
if not then goto the other side of the fuse and repeat do not forget to disconnect the battery when you do this or you could hurt your meter.

this will check for a short in the alternator output circuit

if the voltage regulator failed again several things could cause it, a faulty stator , an internal short in the armature, a short in the brushes, diode

usually i replace the whole unit, it usually comes with a warranty and the company rebuilding it has the special tools used to check all the internal components like a tool called a growler used to check the armature for a failure.

but the first thing is that you check to see if there are any other shorts in the system external of the alternator and make sure the battery has a good charge and holds it and does not have a bad cell ,because that could have easily caused the regulator to go out.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, i did recheck the alternator- change the new Diodes back to the old Diodes- and put a rubber under the battery holder on top of the battery and the car works and charge normal.

Only thing i need to check is the battery indicator light.

maybe need a reset. Thanks I am glad for your service

no problem glad i can help, your warning light cannot be "reset " it means there is something wrong in the battery or charging system, it could be anything simple from the electrolite being low in the battery to the alternator not working properly.

so first check the level of fluid in the battery if it is low then you need to top it off with clean distilled water, and see if the light goes off ,

if not then since you know the alternator is putting out sufficent DC voltage, Try the AC voltage hook up the volt meter to the battery and check to see how many AC volts you have you should not have more than 0.5 volt of AC with the engine running at 2000 RPM

if it goes over 0.5 volts AC then the diodes are bad

another thing that could cause it is a loose drive belt,

and lastly A bad Battery cell

if you take your vehicle to an auto parts store most of them have a battery tester to test the condition of the battery. and see if it has a bad cell

i hope i have helped you completely if you still need help do not be afraid to ask questions i will answer as soon as possible, if not please do not forget to rate me, either way it has been nice helping you.
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If you need further assistance Please feel free to ask, i am glad to help