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Fiat Doblo: The dashboard airbag warning light comes on and

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The dashboard airbag warning light comes on and off intermittantly for no apparent reason. I am concerned that when this light is on the airbag will no longer function. Inside the passenger glove box there is a passenger airbag on/off switch that can be operated with the car key. I have not yet driven the car with this in the off position.
Other Fieats I see from the forum have airbag circuits under the passenger seat. mine has nothing.
Any thoughts please?



Hopefully i can help..


If the airbag warning is coming on as you say it does then it means the airbag system control module/ecu is picking up on a fault within the system intermittantly as you say and this could cause issues with the airbag system actually working in the event of it quite likly this could be a loose connection somewhere that coming loose slightly through vibration "bad connection" for a bit the airbag ecu picks up on it hence the light...the passenger airbag deactivation switch is essentially there if in the event you use of a rear facing child's seat on the front passenger seat,and thus deactivates that airbag on that side in which you will have the icon on the dash telling you thats been done so if thats not the case in situation then it can be switched on..there was a bullitin for a similiar fault you may want to show your dealer or check your self as below.before any work is carried out on these systems which do require somebody who knows what there doing with these systems it has to be deactivated by ensuring the ignition is OFF / Remove key / disconnect battery leads earth first and move away from the battery and wait upto 15mins before any work is started...i do hope this helps..


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert,

My car does not have side airbags and there is nothing at all under the front seats so the item specified will not work. Thanks for info on child seats. I do seem to recall that is in the handbook



I see ok i wasnt aware of that..but some models do have them as per the the link above on the asumption you had them installed..however this still can be a combination of either the front seat belt both sides pyrotechnic pretensioners / the airbag passenger side / driver steering wheel airbag / or crash sensors - on rare occassion the actual control unit airbag/SRS unit for the whole system..i still feel though this definatly a wiring plug connection problem if it still does it with the airbag deactivation switch back in the on you'll may know yourself the only way to really track this down is the use of the proper equipment to interrogate the airbag sytem for the relevent fault codes as and when the airbag system picks up on the fault which is difficult as you know being intermittent - so really its a case of disarming and tracing the airbag system wiring to all the areas as highlighted above to ensure all the connections are fully secure aswell as the wiring itself im afraid...i do hope this helps further..

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Whilst I appreciate the ideal solution would be to go to our main dealer in Nicosia, where they do have trained Fiat mechanics with the diagnostics equipment this virually a third world country. I have already been to them with this problem and they said it was fixed but obviously not. Out here if it's too complicated they shrug their shoulders and make feeble excuses.

Before I go back to the main dealer can you tell me where this airbag control unit is please. I was in the electronics industry before I retired so I'm quite capable of sorting any wiring problems myself. Failing that is there a wiring diagram of the car that I could download? would a workshop manual help? I have a friend coming out soon who could bring one. Basically I'd like to try and fix this myself before going elsewhere.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
further informaton required
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert did you see my reply yesterday at 3.07 EST?

Hi..there..So sorry for the delay just sen your reply...Our garage has been pretty much choked with cars at the minute so needed extra pair of hands..


I have a diagram below where you'll find the SRS/AIRBAG control module behind the dash board centre - most airbag wiring should be yellow or yellow/black covered..



Unfortunalty i dont really have a wiring diagram for those vans but i can double check to see on the garage computer...the alternative is to download it as you say and there is site that you may want to have look at if prefered..i do hope this helps..


Robert and other Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Can't find this srs control Module. I think I'll have to go back to the main dealer. Many thanks for your help anyway.