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1998 E T C is having an electrical problem

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My 1998 E T C is having an electrical problem the headlights dimming for a split second when the brakes are applied. The original alternator was  replaced with a parts house rebuild. Any thoughts?


Could the problem be caused by;

low amp output

bad ground

faulty internal regulator


It sounds like from your symptoms that the alternator you just installed is faulty. I recommend replacing it with another first before you move on to other troubleshooting
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The three posabilities that I presented were from my many years as an auto mechanic. As you probably know, servicing r&r of that alternator is a real challenge, and I was hopeing there would be a more definative answer from someone who has actually had contact with my issue.

of those three problems the only one not related to the alternator is a bad ground. I am assuming since you are a mechanic you have checked that. There has always been a history for many years of alternator from part houses being bad out of the box
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your thoughts. This issue I am up against, is my first, and I hope last, with a "double" ground problem. I no longer have the equipment to check polarities between the two grounds, either at the battery or the engine/body, what may be allowed? Thanks for your help and any research you may be able to provide.

if you have a simple voltmeter you can do voltage drop tests on the grounds. I believe the spec is no more than .3 volts of voltage drop but i will double check. i will do some research and get back to you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Randall an A S E Master Tech provided some thought very similar in nature to am inquiry some what the same as mine on 1-2-10Cool

Thank you for the advice, you will get a happy face

your welcome, let me know if you need any more thoughts on my part.