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maxima: My Nissan maxima was wrecked it front end and my wires

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My Nissan maxima was wrecked it front end and my wires and plugs r all screwed up that starts at my headlights from the plug back. What would that plug and wires that goes with it be called and where can I buy both sides the the wires and plugs?
Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX i am going to try to help,

Just to be sure i am understanding you you would like to know what the names of the parts of the wires and plugs that make up your headlight circuit and where you can obtain them.

Ok well if you need the whole headlight plastics and all it is called a headlight assembly, if it is just the plugs and wires it is called a headlight connector and the connector includes the wires in a pigtail for you to solder them to the existing wiring and the connector connects to the bulb.

you can get the headlight connectors from your local auto parts store, there are two connectors, autozone labels them as the dorman headlight socket there is one for the low beam one is for the high beam, the auto parts store person should be able to look them up to see price and availability for you
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