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I have a landrover Discovery II year 2000 I drove the car

Customer Question

I have a landrover Discovery II year 2000 I drove the car about 35,000 miles
I purchased the car new in the US. In 2002 I shipped the car to Bonaire Dutch Antilles.
There is no Landrover dealer in Bonaire,

I have 2 problems with the car

1) Once in a while it happens that when I turn the key to position 3 nothing happens. The car does not start the starter does not move. What I then do is to move the gearbox selector lever a couple of times back and forth while the key is in position 2 and most of the time this helps and I can start the car. Sometimes I have to wait a while. It also happened recently when I turned the key to position 2 no warninglights and intrument came up and I could not move the automatic handle. I kept trying and maybe after 10 attempts the lights came up and I could start the car

2) Sometimes,when I drive the car suddenly three amber lights light up at the same time. These are the anti-lock braking system, the Hill descent control failure light and the traction control light. Sometimes it also happened that these lights stay on after I have started the car.

Other than the above the car is great to drive on this island where some of the roads are in a very bad shape.

Could you help me with the above by indicating what the cause is of these malfunctions, how to reapir these and what, if any, parts need to be replaced ?

Thanks for your help.

Cornelis H Verhagen
921 South Orange Av
Sarasota Fl 34236

E mail: [email protected] (NNN) NNN-NNNN
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Tom replied 4 years ago.
OK there was a recall on the brake light switch n this vehicle that will cause both issues was this replaced?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, I never got a notice of this recall.


If this is indeed the solution, that is great.


For me to find out I need to go back to the dealer in the US and take with me the switch next time when I go back to the Caribbean in July.


I will then let you know if this resolved the issue.

Expert:  Tom replied 4 years ago.
The switch is easily replaced and costs only about 40 dollars and any shop can do this. Then mail the repair to the dealer and they should reimburse you. If you could rate excellent service now so I can get Credit for my help I would really appreciate it. By the time you try to do all that the question will close and I will not receive credit. If you need further assistance it will be no charge from me thanks. Bonuses greatly appreciated.