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Suzuki Forenza: Yesterday I was driving from Boca Raton to

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Yesterday I was driving from Boca Raton to Orlando, when I felt my car jumped and the check engine light turned on. I pulled over to the right immediately and checked under the hood and saw what it seems to be a broken timing belt. I drive a 2004 Suzuki Forenza and I wanted to know how long does it take to fix that, how much you think it will cost me, and if the engine is interference or not interference??
Hello and Welcome! My name isXXXXX and I am here to try and assist you with your question.

The timing belt sells for around $114 and the Labor Time Guide calls for 1.8 hours to complete the job (Expect to pay for a full 2 hours labor here, as most shops round up to the nearest hour to accommodate for any unforeseen problems that may arise.). On this vehicle, the TIming Belt also runs the Water Pump, so most shops will recommend that the Water Pump be replaced at this time also. If the water pump is to let go after the timing belt replacement, the timing belt job will need to be re-done, so it's a "better safe than sorry" repair at this point. If you choose to have the water pump done at this time, it sells for around $220 and you'll need to add roughly a half-hour to the labor time. Labor rates vary from shop to shop, so what you pay for labor will effect the botXXXXX XXXXXne. For a job of this type, a "fair" labor rate can by anywhere from $85-$125 per hour. Shop around, and find a reputable shop that warranty their parts and labor. Yes, this IS an interference engine, but as long as the belt did not break under heavy load (highway speeds, going uphill, etc) there's a very strong chance everything should be ok.
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