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I have a 1993 toyota tercel 1.5 ltr automatic transmission

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I have a 1993 toyota tercel 1.5 ltr automatic transmission that starts good when cold and runs fine till you shut it off when fully warmed up. On hot restart it simply tries to start but cannot re establish the idle and stalls. You may have to make multiple tries to get it to run, and when it does it runs on less than 4 cylinders almost like its flooded on one cylinder.

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It sounds like you may have a fuel pressure bleedoff problem.

When the engine is hot and you park the car the high underhood heat will cause fuel pressure in the rail to raise, it's possible for the fuel to actually boil.

There is a check valve in the fuel pump that prevents fuel from draining back to the tank after the engine is shut off. If the check valve is weak then the elevated pressure in the rail can cause fuel to push back out of the rail and fuel line and into the tank.

When you go to restart the engine then there is vapor in the rail rather than liquid fuel only, and it will cause a hard start and rough running.

It's also possible that you could have one or more fuel injectors that are leaking when the engine is hot, which will cause fuel to be lost from the rail and the affected cylinders to flood.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How would you suggest I fix the problem(s)

You can often see fuel injector leakage if you pull out the fuel rail with the injectors attached and cycle the key to pressurize the fuel system. If there is any wetness on the end of any of them then that indicates leakage.

If the pressure side fuel line has a rubber section near the fuel rail you can pinch it off with pinch of pliers or needlenose vise grips and see if that has any affect on the hard start. If it reliably starts better from pinching the line off as it sits and then removing them immediately before starting then you know the problem is in the pump.
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