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land rover discovery: if i towed 4x4 vehicle stright in with

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if i towed 4x4 vehicle stright in with time the transsmision may fail(how many mails otherwise)

automatic or manual transmission?

are you wanting to tow it, or have you already towed it with all 4 wheels on the ground?

If you have towed it, how many miles was it towed with all 4 tires on the ground?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not towed yet what i am asking if i towed with all wheels on the ground will i blow the automatic tranny and if so how soon or i should disconnected both drive shafts and no worry about it


If you disconnect both driveshafts it can be towed with all wheels on the ground. If you do not, it will blow the transmission after about 100-200 miles.

If you are needing to tow it to shop, you could safely tow it with all wheels on the ground for about 50 miles maximum with speed never over 35mph. But this is the max I would ever tow it without removing both driveshafts.

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