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Volvo 850: hello I have a volvo 850 that i disconnected the

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hello I have a volvo 850 that i disconnected the brake lines from the master cylinder because I needed to take the cylinder out to get to the abs module...unfortunately I can't seem to get the lines there a secret to screwing these back on...and is there a photo that shows the connections because like an idiot I didn't label the lines and what hole they go in....thanks
Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX am going to try to help, the connections only really go on one way, they shouldn't criss cross or anything, they should look straight and neat. and the secret to installing brake lines to a master is to get all the connections on a couple threads before you tighten any of them down if you tighten any of them down it kind of kilters the master cylinder and makes it near impossible to thread any of the other fittings so just thread them all on a couple of threads so that the master cylinder can wiggle a hair and it should all go back on very easily. i hope i have helped you out if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask and i will do what i can to help you, don't forget to leave feedback
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